Thursday, 27 August 2009

I love this bag and he may be smiling, but this side doesn't seem to be quite as finished as the other side.

I've been too busy recently to knit!! Not good, so I decided this week I need to start planning a few projects for the Autumn.

I made this giant bow a few months ago and never actually used it for anything. It was originally made to wear as a hair clip , but I don't think that's a good look for me:) No need to panic I have solved this problem.I have found a fab use for it..................

Monday, 10 August 2009

Another hatty hat

after losing the pattern for a few months,eventually finding it again, choosing the colours & buying the wool I'm now ready to start Dave's stripey hat:)

I haven't been knitting much recently just a few small items, so it's time to get back to a proper project.

The wool is Patons Jet 70% 30% wool and alpaca, I hope to finish it before the end of September,watch this space..............