Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Yey it's finished :)  it's the first hat I've made for myself on double pointed needles and it fits really really well. They are more difficult to knit on but they give the hat an amazing shape. It's just not cold enough to wear it yet:( I better not wish the last few weeks of warm-ish weather away!! I've a new camera , it's super kool. The polaroid style pic above was taken with it. it's a fujifilm instant camera, the pics are small like a credit card size, I LOVE IT:) 

Monday, 28 September 2009


I sat down yesterday and attempted the stripey hat only to realise I didn't have enough wool!! It's a chunky hat that needs to be knited with two strands of double knit wool, so I'll have to make another trip to the wool shop. I didn't feel like working on the jumper, I'm 3/4 ways through the front of it, so I decided to knit myself a quick hat:)

Here it is so far, it's a lace pattern , it's meant to be a summer hat knitted in cotton but I decided to change it to lambs pride wool , so it'll be perfect for these cold mornings. It's made on double pointed needles 5mm I don't want to go to work so I can sit at home and finish it!

Sunday, 20 September 2009


I've progressed to the front of my jumper, this is the pocket pouch. It took me a while to figure out the pattern ,after reading it a few times it clicked and I'm happy to say its turning out quite well:)

I bought a few super kool sewing patches while I was shopping in Berlin with my friend Jill. I love them but I stopped knitting during the summer so they got packed away. I reckon its about time I popped them on to one of my new projects. I think the stars might work quite well on this jumper once it's finished. I have a project list that is growing daily, I love this time of year , the upcoming cold weather is a great excuse for me to knit some kool mittens and a new hat.

Monday, 7 September 2009


I started this project about 7 months ago. I was doing quite well, I had almost knitted half of the back piece when I lost one of my needles?!! I still haven't found that needle, I think it may be living with all my missing socks.

This wkend we had the first real signs of Autumn, short sleeved weather is officially over so I decided to get a replacement needle and get back to it.

I'm happy with my progress so far, however I decided to change the pattern slightly, instead of a standard rib I have done it in Moss (seed) stitch, so far so good!!

The original pattern is from my boyfriends mum, it's 80's tastic and knitted in a very bright yellow, I decided to go with a more Autumnal colour , purple.