Saturday, 29 May 2010

Homemade Birthday Pressie

I like them so much I'm making another one for myself in a lovely green colour Limeade.

I mentioned in one of my recent posts I had made a pressie for my lovely sister in law but I couldn't post the images before she recieved the package, it would of ruined the element of surprise!!! She has now recieved it and even though there is currently a heatwave and no way she could actually wear it without melting, she loves it:)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


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I've decided to pick a new 'long term' project something I work on while doing smaller/quicker items:)

I saved this jumper into my wish list over a year ago and would really love to make it in a mustard colour. Pattern available on Ravelry its called 'owls' by Kate Davies. I love it! It's knitted in a chunky wool but it has a lovely fitted shape rather than bulky, which is never flattering:)

This is a challenge for me, I have made one jumper which took a whole year to complete!
Wish me luck.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


I've been lured to the idea of  learning how to crochet because I love granny squares and  I just know a pretty crochet cushion would look lovely on our charcoal grey sofa.  My friend Jill did sign us up for a beginners class a few months ago but alas it was cancelled. We do plan to sign up for another class but in the meantime I thought why not try you-tube again. I did attempt this before and was disappointed by video after video of bad quality images and overly complicated instructions. Until now, I found two great instructional videos the first is;
Crochet - From Start To Finishing with Bev Dillon and the second is The knit witch 'single crochet stitch' and double crochet stitch. Maybe I was just having a good day but I found these instructions really worked for me and now I can do a single crochet stitch and a double, Yay!

I plan to watch more videos over the next few weeks so I can eventually learn how to make my first very own granny square, who knows it could lead to a cushion cover or some pretty crochet jewellery:)

The End Result

The End Result
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Crochet Glamour #22

Crochet Glamour #22
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Look

I've been thinking about changing the 'look' of my blog for a while now. The only problem being I cannot use photoshop, so I was very limited with what I could do to change it. Then yesterday amazingly Dave stumbled upon these Blog designs online and yes they are FREE!!.

This girl has the cutest designed blog backgrounds ever.This particular design popped out at me straight away but there are loads more,she has an amazing selection. Check out her blog

My current project is a Birthday gift I'm making. I cannot reveal anymore information at the moment Shhhhhh
Pics will be posted this week just need to finish it off:) This is a pic of our garden shed our garden is rapidly coming back to life, I love Spring.