Monday, 25 June 2012

My First yarn bomb y'all

I got an amazing knitting machine in a charity shop back in January which ended up in my craft room/spare room for a few months. I rediscovered it in May and though it would be perfect for yarn bombing. You can make stuff super quickly with it, so it is perfect for big pieces. However in saying that I started off small and made this cuff.
 I popped it in my bag ready for the right moment to wrap it round a tree!
I was in Bath city one Sunday sitting in Queens park eating a yummy burger for lunch when I spotted the perfect tree for my first yarn bomb. No one seemed to notice much, I got one or two looks but I was too busy trying to sew it together to care.
Over a month later it is still there, I reckon I'll add to it next time I'm in town.

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