Sunday, 16 May 2010


I've been lured to the idea of  learning how to crochet because I love granny squares and  I just know a pretty crochet cushion would look lovely on our charcoal grey sofa.  My friend Jill did sign us up for a beginners class a few months ago but alas it was cancelled. We do plan to sign up for another class but in the meantime I thought why not try you-tube again. I did attempt this before and was disappointed by video after video of bad quality images and overly complicated instructions. Until now, I found two great instructional videos the first is;
Crochet - From Start To Finishing with Bev Dillon and the second is The knit witch 'single crochet stitch' and double crochet stitch. Maybe I was just having a good day but I found these instructions really worked for me and now I can do a single crochet stitch and a double, Yay!

I plan to watch more videos over the next few weeks so I can eventually learn how to make my first very own granny square, who knows it could lead to a cushion cover or some pretty crochet jewellery:)

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